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Professional tattoo removal

without scars and complications

We remove tattoos without scars and complications

Pańska 5 Studio is a place where you will have your tattoo and permanent make-up removed safely, without scars, skin damage, complications and long healing, without convalescence and everyday limitations.

We perform the surgery with a specialized laser with Q-switch technology which is designed exclusively for tattoo removal. Safety and comfort are our priorities.

Common reasons of tattoo removal:


Allergic reaction


Old tattoo cover


Change of mind


Change of workplace

Removal step by step

Find the right place

Pańska 5 – Professional Tattoo Removal Studio guarantees qualified staff and work ethics



Book a free session to discuss details of the procedure, your expectations and cost .

Look after yourself

Follow pre and post recommendations (e.g. shaving). Ask for further explanation.

Pytania, które warto zadać przed usuwaniem tatuażu

1. Which type of procedure is appropriate for me and what are the other options?

2. What is the cost?

3. How long is one visit?

4. How many sessions do I need to remove the tattoo?

5. What is the time gap between the sessions?

6. What are the most common side effects and complications after the session?

7. How to prepare for the surgery?

8. Does it hurt?

9. Do you apply local anaesthesia?

10. What can I expect after surgery?

11. Is there any danger?

12. Are there any short or long-term consequences?

13. Is the person who performs the session qualified, experienced and trained?

Common questions

How does tattoo removal work?
Laser beam damages epidermis and ink particles so they are broken into smaller bits and taken in by macrophages. It is a natural skin cleansing process. The best results are achieved with the neodymium laser (Nd:YAG 532nm/1064nm). The advantage of this tool is an ultra-short impulse of high energetic capacity.
How many sessions make the entire removal?
Tattoo removal is a complex process. Its length depends on the size, depth, density and color of the ink. Usually it takes 4 to 6 sessions. Professional tattoo has stronger and denser pigment so it requires more sessions. The best result is quaranteed by services of certified and well trained staff.
How much time passes between the first session and complete removal?
Complete removal demands a couple of sessions with 6-8 week gaps in between. They are necessary as pigment is gradually released which results in tattoo fading. Sometimes removal is reinforced with bio-peptide therapy (speeds up healing and removal).
Tattoo on which body part is the most difficult to remove?
According to research by American Academy of Dermatology it turns out that as much as 36% regrets having a tattoo. Once, this was a lifetime decision, now it is relatively easy to rid of. However, big tattoos are still difficult to remove.
What is the approximate cost?
It depends on the size and pigment of a tattoo. The price starts at 200 PLN (one session) but full cost may be estimated only after a free consultation.

Mind your regeneration

  It is a good idea to equip yourself with special cosmoceutical. It stimulates regeneration of damaged structures, mitigates irritation, strengthens organism self-defense, prevents discoloration, heals and nourishes. 

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